Nicole Lissette Carvacho

An Earthquake

I was used to walking past Matucana Street without noticing anything or anyone. But, one day, I found myself looking at an interesting advertisement of a show held at Matucana100. The artwork simply caught my attention immediately — “an earthquake” it read, and I as I read, felt a piercing pain in my chest. As […]


An incomplete story

The old man could not stop considering himself as useless. His one and only job was to stand in the entrance of a cultural institution and ask the visitors their reason for being there. He was so used it that it seem just mere routine. Although he did consider his job to something special he was grateful for […]


Lose yourself to dance

It was Urban Sunday at Matucana, this meant that they were offering a free hip hop dance class.The little kid in the picture came to the class, he was certainly a lot younger than the rest of the group. He just stood there watching for a while.He felt uncertain about dancing. He looked at everyone […]